Everyone knows that healthier employees are happier employees. When your people are healthier, it can also mean fewer sick days and reduced healthcare costs. Our team is experienced in corporate wellness and we're happy offer a number of customizable services for our corporate clients, large and small. Browse our offerings below and contact us to discuss which would be a good fit for your company.



Knowledge is Power

Our hour-long Education Sessions squeeze a lot of valuable information into short, engaging experiences for your employees. Participants leave with handouts, simple recipes, and powerful knowledge that can be applied in their lives the very same day. ​Topics include:

  • Crowding out unhealthy foods

  • Nutrition myths & facts

  • Preventing lifestyle diseases

  • Sustainable, healthy weight loss

  • Addressing emotional eating


Expert Vegan Food Prep

Our live plant-based cooking demos are infused with nutrition education, practical shopping & cooking tips. and even advice for saving money without sacrificing quality or flavor. Participants leave with new skills and ideas that can be put into action the very same day. Best of all, there's no kitchen required. We supply all of the equipment and ingredients. All you have to do is show up, eat, and learn!


Getting Healthier Together

A little healthy competition can lead to real results. Our plant-based challenges offer employees a fun, engaging way to create sustainable healthy lifestyle changes together.

Each challenge is facilitated by a team of health coaches and registered dietitians. In addition to the group component, each member of your staff will receive individual counseling and optional lab testing in order to measure results. Our challenges are fully-customizable, so reach out and let's put together a plan that best fits your company.



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